Why hire a Part-Time or Interim CFO or Controller?

  • Intuitive Insight to ask questions to stimulate you to think about your business in a new way
  • Broad Experience with with the financial challenges faced by different companies
  • Financial Expertise at a lower cost than hiring a full-time, permanent financial employee

What are the benefits of hiring a Part-Time CFO/Controller?

  • More time to focus on business growth
  • Better understanding of business finances
  • More control of funds and less financial surprises
  • Improved business decision-making capabilities
  • Enhanced financial controls to increase profit
  • Improved quality and timeliness of financial information

Who could benefit from CFO/Controller Consultant Services?

  • Smaller companies unable to commit to a full-time CFO/Controller as an employee
  • Companies that need help with a specific accounting or financial project
  • Companies in need of new or improved financial reporting systems, including setup of accounting software pacakges
  • Companies with lenders who require a CFO to be part of the management team
  • Companies in financial trouble, unable to afford a full-time CFO, but need financial help
  • Companies that require better information and help generating timely financial reports for more informed decision making
  • Companies requiring an interim financial expert to fill in for a current employee due to illness, vacation, or maternity leave
  • Companies who need a temporary financial leader during times of staff transition such as the departure of an existing CFO or controller
  • Any Company that needs accounting or financial expertise to solve an operational challenge

All businesses, whether start-up operations or international companies, face similar financial challenges.  A CFO/Controller Consultant can offer sound financial advice and help you improve, analyze, and interpret your accounting data so you can focus on growing your business, increase your profit, and save time.